Caldicot Pre-Wedding Photography

South Wales Pre-Wedding Photoshoot | Caldicot Castle Pre-Wedding Photography

Cwmbran wedding photographer, Jackie Cuff includes pre-wedding photoshoots with all full day photography, covering South Wales, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Bristol.

Jenni & Geoff had their pre-wedding photoshoot at Caldicot Castle in August 2020. They are one of many, many couples that have had to postpone their wedding during this year, they have gone from a 2020 wedding to a 2022 wedding, so we chose to have their pre-wedding photoshoot near their original date. I really feel for all couples going through this, it must be so hard to choose to postpone something that you've been waiting years to happen. We decided to have their pre-wedding photoshoot in the exterior grounds at Caldicot Castle as they'll be getting married there, with wedding photography being done inside the castle's interior grounds on the day.

I always think it's so important to get to know a couple in the run up to their wedding. After all, we're going to spend a lot of hours together on the big day! We chatted about TV and movies during the shoot which lead to us talking about the original Spiderman trilogy. See if you can spot our recreation of a famous scene!

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