Cwmbran South Wales Wedding Photographer


I recently got married myself; this was the day I became inspired to become a wedding photographer after watching my own at work. My wedding flowers were orchids and our colour scheme was purple and blue. This is the story behind my logo, as you may have noticed, it can be seen in both colours throughout my website and it has some lovely orchids in there too! It was designed by the super talented Lauren of Lauren Morgan Design.

 I live with my hubby and our two fur babies (cats)! I also work as a teaching assistant and have done for many years now, I'm good with kids and being a bit of a big kid helps! My hubby and I are hoping to have our own little cherubs soon.

As you may have read already, I am a bit geeky, my husband included. We spend a lot of our spare time watching films and TV together and playing video games (however my husband plays them more than me!) our home is full of figurines and posters to do with Game of Thrones, Friends, Stranger Things, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, DC and other stuff.

jackie cuff photography
Created by Lauren Morgan Design

I'm passionate about wedding photography and have always loved capturing precious moments during my life with my friends, family and loved ones, I can't wait to capture these moments in your life too! I have always been very creative, even at a young age often painting, drawing or taking photos. Now, I strive to create stunning natural, candid images as well as posed and group photographs.

Whilst working as a teaching assistant I'd quite often be called upon to use my skills for creative aspects of the job throughout the school. I had been treating photography as a hobby in my spare time. Then after getting married and seeing my own wedding photographer at work, it inspired me to start my own business. My goal is to become a full-time wedding photographer, so four days a week I'm still a teaching assistant whilst working on my photography business on weeknights, weekends and holidays.
Using my skills from my teaching assistant background of communicating and working with children and families, my helpful and easy going nature, combined with my creative flair and passion I can offer you a unique and wonderful South Wales wedding photography experience.

jackie cuff photography