Wedding planning advice and tips

Wedding Planning Advice and Tips

I remember the excitement, nerves and stress of planning my own wedding in 2018 and that any tips or advice was much appreciated! Anything to make it a little bit easier, so when it comes to your wedding, I like to be a really helpful photographer.

I love to be able to ease any worries or try my best to solve any problems for you. From bringing a bag full of things to have on hand on the big day in case anyone has a mini emergency (paracetamol, deodorant, sewing kit etc) to making sure we know each other a little better beforehand by having consultations before booking and including pre-wedding photoshoots. This way you'll see that I'm right for you, know how I work and it can help to take away any nerves about having your photos taken and I won't be a complete stranger to you!
I'll also be an ear to listen when wedding planning gets overwhelming for you or to give any advice in any way that I can. Even if it means asking other couples that are a part of Jackie Cuff Photography.

I decided to ask some past brides some questions about their experience of wedding planning to give future couples some great tips and advice in preparation for their own weddings! Take a look at the questions I asked and what they had to say...

Craig & Beth

st. pierre wedding photography
st. pierre wedding photography

Eva & Ieuan

Wedding photography in Carmarthen Registry Office carmarthenshire south wales

Laura & Ashley

st. pierre wedding photography

Kirsty & Sandy

Wedding photography at Cwrt Bleddyn Hotel and Spa, Usk, South Wales.

Lucy & Ashley

Wedding photography at St. Andrew's church, churchdown, gloucester
Wedding photography at St. Andrew's church, churchdown, gloucester

Nicole & Daniel

wedding photography at ridgeway golf club caerphilly south wales
wedding photography in cardiff south wales

Jackie & Dan

Hopefully all of these lovely words of wisdom will help you in your planning process and on your wedding day.
If you're looking for a friendly, laidback, caring and helpful wedding photographer then please get in touch! I offer bright and colourful wedding photography covering South Wales, Gloucestershire, Bristol & Somerset.

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