Your Wedding Journey with Jackie Cuff Photography

Your Wedding Journey with Jackie Cuff Photography

Here's what to expect when booking with Cwmbran, South Wales and South West England wedding photographer, Jackie Cuff.

wedding photography in cardiff south wales

So first of all it starts off with your initial enquiry to find out if I'm available and to get a quote. You may have found me from a Facebook advert or group, from a google search or just from word of mouth. If you're happy with the price and have looked at my website/social media sites and like my style then the next step is to arrange a consultation.
I always like to chat first before booking to make sure we click, it's important that you're booking a photographer you've met and can get along with (especially if you're booking full day photography!).
During this chat I love to find out all about you both and hear all about your wedding plans as well as giving you a chance to ask me any questions, this can be done either face to face or as a video chat (video chats only during lockdowns).
Hopefully we'll have had a great chat that left you feeling at ease with me and excited for your big day!

Wedding photography at St. Andrew's church, churchdown, gloucester
Wedding photography at Neath Abbey, Neath, South Wales.

So if you've decided to book then the next step would be to pay a 25% booking fee of the total cost (to be subtracted from your remaining amount) and returning a signed contract. It's always important to read through this so that you're aware of everything that protects us all and any details to remember such as providing me with food on the day (if it's a long wedding) and if you're required to pay any extra fees for parking etc. There's also sections for you to fill in to provide me with essential details of your wedding day.
The next time we'll meet will be at your pre-wedding photoshoot (if you're booking me for 7 hours+ or if you've chosen to add it on to your booking). These are such a great way to get to know each other better (plus if you already have children, they can come along too to familiarise themselves with me and the camera)! You can get to know my way of taking photos and I can get to know what you're like as a couple, whether you're laid back and love PDA's or are a little more reserved. It can help with any nerves you might have about having photos taken, taking away one of the stresses of your wedding day. Plus they give you some lovely photos together to cherish forever and it gets you really excited for your wedding day!

pre wedding photography at pontymoile basin, pontypool
pre wedding photography at caldicot castle, monmouthshire
Pre wedding photography at Chosen Hill and St. Bartholomew's Church, Gloucester.

Throughout the planning process I'm always here to help in anyway whether that's an ear to listen when you need a rant or for some reassurance that everything will be ok when you're feeling overwhelmed (especially during covid)! I've been known to get a sneaky peek at the bride's wedding dress before!
When the exciting day arrives, if you've chosen full day photography, I'll arrive to capture you getting ready with your party. I'll make sure to get lots of natural shots of you all enjoying your time together whilst being pampered. This is a great chance to get some of the details such as your jewellery and flowers. I'll aim to arrive at the venue 30-45 mins before the ceremony starts so I can capture your guests arriving and get some shots of the ceremony room.

Then of course it's the important part; the ceremony! I'll try to be as quiet as I can standing in the background (I even use a mirrorless camera which means it's completely silent!) so as not to interrupt the nuptials. Whilst capturing all of the crucial moments to a wedding ceremony, I also like to get some of the reactions from your guests from smiles and laughter to tears or even someone falling asleep!

Carmarthen wedding photography
Wedding photography at Ridgeway Golf Club, Caerphilly, South Wales.

Once the ceremony is over, it's time for the group photos before everyone starts wandering off! It can be a good idea to write a list in advance of every group photo you'd like taken to make sure we don't miss any out. Make sure you get a quick breather and a drink or nibble to keep yourself going because we now usually move onto your photos together as newlyweds.
We'll take a stroll around the grounds of your venue (or travel somewhere scenic for this if that's not an option) to get some stunning photos of your first few minutes of married life together. This can be a good chance to have some quiet time away from the buzz of the day and enjoy each other's company.

Wedding photography in Cardiff, South Wales

It'll now be time for your wedding breakfast, which means it's time for me to take a break too. Hopefully after reading my contract you've organised something for me to eat. After all it is a long day and I'll need lots of sustenance to keep taking your wonderful photos! I'm not fussy and I'm allergy free so I'm happy and grateful for whatever you provide me. I'll take this time to save any images taken so far and maybe recharge anything if necessary. Then it'll be time for the speeches. I'll be standing back and taking as many photos of you and your guests' reactions to all of the funny and emotional moments from each speech.

Wedding photography at Tortworth Court, Gloucestershire.
Wedding photography at Tortworth Court, Gloucestershire.

When the speeches are finally finished there's some time to pass before the party starts. This could be an opportunity to get some extra photos together after dark!... Or you might just prefer to relax and chat a little with your guests. I'll get some more natural shots of you all enjoying yourselves (these are my favourites by the way!) and then get ready for the party to get started with the cutting of the cake and your first dance. I'll catch a few more photos after everyone joins you on the dancefloor but not for too long as you'll soon be having a few drinks and not looking as photogenic as you previously did! I'll pack up and head home to save all of your photos asap to make sure they're safe.

I'll soon get to work on editing your photos. I like to give you a sneak peek of some of them just a few days later as I know how exciting it is to see them! You should receive all photos (approx. 400 or so for a full day) in your online gallery no later than a week or two after your wedding day. I'll then make a start on designing your album. Before it's printed I always send you a preview so that you can make any changes or add any photos if I've missed some of your favourites out. It's your album so it needs to be perfect for you! Once you've approved it all or paid for any upgrades, it'll be on it's way. This usually takes up to a week to be delivered to me where I'll do a quick quality check then hand deliver it to you! Hooray!

wedding album

This is where your wedding journey with Jackie Cuff Photography ends. Hopefully I'll have impressed you enough to leave a Google review for me. This is a great way to support me and help my business to grow! Your wedding journey may have ended but I'd love to keep in touch and be your photographer for life, maybe with some family photography in the near future!?

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