Why I include wedding albums!

Why I include wedding albums in my packages...

I think that albums are so important! Here are the reasons why I like to make sure you get your wedding memories stored in a wonderful album...

Wedding photography in Pontypool, South Wales.

Special memories

Picking up an album off the shelf at any time to be reminded of your amazing day with all of the special people in your lives is amazing. It's so much easier than going to a PC or laptop, turning it on, finding them and clicking through. It will become something very precious to you, especially as the years go by and perhaps older relatives are gone or the younger relatives are all grown up and no longer look as cute in a pageboy suit or flower girl dress as they used to... Now of course, I still offer an online gallery with your wedding photos but only for a limited time so that you have a digital copy, it's up to you what you do with them.

Photos at your fingertips

Keeping photos on an electronic device isn't quite the same as holding them in your hands. These days so many people have photos on their phones, which can be deleted at the touch of a button. Not many ever think to print them out and put them into an album. I feel pretty much the same about books, I wouldn't bother with a kindle or the like. I love holding a real book in my hands! I often pick up my own wedding album to reminisce, I love it! It takes me back and brings back all the feelings and emotions from that day. Great Scott! Photos are a time machine!

Sharing your photos

Sharing wedding photos with friends and family is such a different feeling when you're gathering around an album together compared to showing them on a device of some kind. There's just something magical about seeing the photos in your hands.

Wedding photography at Cwrt Bleddyn Hotel and Spa, Usk, South Wales.

Preserved for future generations

If you are given a USB stick, how long until you forget where you put it or it gets damaged? There are always new ways of storing files, so how long will it be until a USB stick becomes totally unused and a thing of the past? With a wedding album, this won't be the case! It will be treasured and kept in pride of place and will last for yearrrrssss! How amazing will it be for your future grandchildren or great-grandchildren to look through in years to come!?

Good quality albums

So you might think, I'd rather have the digital files alone without an album to save money. Maybe you think you'll print them out yourself somewhere else, however people are so busy with their lives it can get forgotten about or if they do get printed, will they the quality be good enough? With me it will be printed professionally by a high quality supplier, meaning that in years to come, they'll still look fantastic!

wedding album

Extra prints

I also include folio boxes (10x8") of 10 mounted images in packages two & three. These are great for hanging on the wall around your home as a constant reminder of your wedding day or they can even to be used as gifts for loved ones.

Package three also includes a canvas (16x12") of your favourite photo so it can be pride of place in your home.

nphoto folio box
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