Why you really need a wedding photographer

Why You Really Need a Wedding Photographer

So, if you have recently gotten engaged, congratulations!!! If you've picked a date and booked a venue, well done! You're well on your way to planning your wedding. Your next step could be to look for suppliers to book for your wedding day. Your first thoughts should go to suppliers who will require that day to be free for them to accommodate your wedding. These suppliers can be booked well in advance. Such as a photographer! You may be thinking "Do I need a wedding photographer?", perhaps you'd rather save some money that could be used elsewhere in your wedding or on your honeymoon.

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Maybe you're considering asking a friend of the family who owns a great DSLR camera to take your wedding photos, but will they have the knowledge and experience for a whole day of wedding photography. There's so much more to just taking a nice photo. There's knowing which moments to capture to build a wonderful story of your wedding day. Have they got the knowledge for a dark venue? Perhaps you're having a winter wedding? This is where someone with less experience could struggle to take good quality photos.

You could be thinking of just collecting the photos taken by your wedding guests throughout the day, but will they be good quality or any that you love enough to print out and frame? Will they capture those lovely, natural moments between people that you didn't even see?

What if your guests or that friend with the posh DSLR camera miss out the loved ones from your day that may no longer be with us in years to come? When I got married, a year later my husband's Nan had passed away, two other family members had dementia which since then, has progressed to a stage where attending a wedding would not be practical as they have changed massively. Fortunately we decided to book a photographer, so we have these photos to remind us of those memories we shared with them.

Even better, is the fact that we had these photos printed into an album. This is massively important for you to do with your wedding photos, so that you too can look at them and smile as you relive those moments in years to come. Will they be looked at as often if they're kept on a USB or on a computer? (This is why all of my wedding packages include an album!) These photos will be what remains of your day, after the flowers die, the cake is eaten, your dress is packed away with your shoes and the honeymoon ends. These precious memories will be captured for you, that will tell the story of your wedding day. Starting with the bridal prep, with the story unfolding as the day continues capturing the laughter, the tears of joy and all those beautiful details that you've worked so hard to get perfect for the big day. Then finishing up with your first dance along with your wedding guests letting their hair down on the dance floor. All of this could be left out, if you don't book your photographer.

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So when you're looking at your budget, please consider a wedding photographer as an essential part of your wedding day. You don't want to think back to your wedding in the future and regret your decision!

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