The Importance of Photos and Printing

This is the only photo I have of my grandparents together, which happens to be on their wedding day back in 1953.
My Dad was born in the next year and then my Grandfather unfortunately passed away in 1955, only two years later at the young age of 22.
My Grandmother has now passed away too, many years later in 2012. She struggled being a single mother and with the loss of my Grandfather so early on.
This photo is so lovely because it shows a time when she was with my Grandfather, whom I never met (whom my Dad never had the chance to know either). They both looked so happy in this photo.

It is very precious to me, it not only shows me what my Grandfather looked like (and how similar he is to my Dad!) but shows me an insight into their relationship together. It tells a story.
If they hadn't had this photo taken and printed, we never would have found it amongst my Grandmother's things after she passed away.
We wouldn't have found this memory of my Grandparents looking so happy together. It is now hanging on my dining room wall.

Now if I refer to my Mum's side of the family, my Grandparents don't appear to have any photos from their wedding day. Apparently my Auntie once decided to burn a lot of photos for some strange reason!!! This is heartbreaking! This could be why we've not seen any wedding photos, however I'm not so sure they ever had any taken in the first place. Such a shame!

Having photos taken and printed is so important for years and generations to come. It really does transport you back in time and tells a story about the people in the images. This is why I include an album in all of my wedding packages!

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